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Weifang Lupeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful kite capital Weifang, south of Jiqing Expressway, Weifang High-speed Railway North Station, north of Rongwu Expressway, and convenient transportation. It has several laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines and precision testing equipments; one precision casting production line, two lost foam production lines, one resin sand production line and several machining production lines. The company has strong technical strength, strong economic strength, high reputation and strong quality, and is at an advanced level in the same industry.

The company gives full play to the advantages of private enterprises, continuously develops new products, strengthens marketing, and develops rapidly. The existing "Huamuyuan" and "Lu Peng Machinery" two series of products. “Huamuyuan” is exported to Russia, many countries in Southeast Asia, and is sold in the northwestern provinces, Henan, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin and other places. The baler is the leading product, mainly producing two-way rope baling machine, three-way rope baling machine, net bale baler, small round bale crushing baler, lawn mower and other products, which have been obtained by customers. High praise.

“LuPeng Machinery” is mainly for supporting products, mainly producing auto parts, agricultural machinery parts and other products. The main supporting manufacturers include Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. Zhucheng Automobile Factory, Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Revo Apos Weifang Agricultural Equipment Branch, Shandong Yuanyou Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., etc., which have won the trust of customers.

In the future, the company will adhere to the guiding principle of “self-improvement and continuous improvement”, improve the modern management level of the enterprise,and strive to achieve the business goal of “production of customer satisfaction products and achievement of Huamuyuan brand”, and build Huamuyuan into an advanced enterprise of agriculture and animal husbandry machinery. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to negotiate business with the company.

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